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Maintaining your shoes

Shoes from any material require maintenance. Naturally this is also dependent on factors such as: how intensively they are used, mainly indoor or outdoor use, type of foot, etc..

Here are some practical maintenance tips:

  • You can spray shoes with a colorless Scotchgard (water-repellent spray) Follow the instructions on the can, you can use it in any case whether it's patent leather or a metallic material like silver or gold.
  • Leather shoes should occasionally be treated with cream. (color or colorless) Prefer not to use autobrillantes products.
  • Suede shoes should be brushed regularly. Depending on the type of use suede (brush up or down) the type of brush or special foam sponge.
  • For patent leather shoes a dry cloth, possibly with a drop of (olive) oil would be sufficient.
  • Metallic shoes are quite difficult to refresh. There is silver and gold cream on the market. Sometimes you can mix it with another color to get the desired color. For example, mix a little dark brown creme with "gold" and will emerge bronze. Also, nail polish can sometimes offer as a means to approximate the exact color as well as possible.
  • Wet shoes always need a good time to dry, before starting maintenance.

Most important: Do not wear shoes continuously or for long periods. The shoe should also be able to "rest". The leather may then lose the stored moisture. It will greatly benefit the life expectancy!