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Terms & Conditions

In these general conditions the following terms shall have the following meanings, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Eleganza Shoes B.V.: the party establishing these terms and conditions. The client: a party who is a natural person.

These conditions apply to any tender offer and agreement between the customer and Eleganza Eleganza where these conditions has stated, if these conditions are not expressly and in writing.
2. These conditions also apply to agreements with Eleganza, the execution of which third parties are involved.
3. Any deviations from these general conditions are only valid if they have expressly agreed in writing.

About the products

The articles are shown as close to reality as possible and / or described on the website and / or in written offers and possess the qualities mentioned by Eleganza in the offer. The website is clearly indicated what the customer owes to purchase and what his rights and obligations, if one accepts the offer.

About the order

Eleganza only deliver after receipt of payment. Whatever the chosen order with the customer's method of payment, Eleganza reserves the right not to execute orders if the ordered items are not in stock or run at a later time. Of course, the customer will be informed.

About returns

For all purchases, a view period of seven days from the time of delivery. The trial period means that the customer has the right within 7 days to return the items without any obligation in original packaging. The returned items must not be used or damaged. Also, the customer must comply with all conditions for return. The costs for the return shall be borne by the buyer. Upon receipt of the shipment and clearance of Eleganza on the state of the products, within 14 days of the buyer's money deposited into the bank account of the buyer.

About the delivery

Eleganza does its best to deliver orders as soon as possible. If the delivery is delayed by temporarily not in stock or for other reasons or if an order can not or only partially executed, the customer will be notified. If Eleganza has given a term of delivery, this is indicative. A specified delivery time is never a deadline. The final delivery time will not exceed by more than one week of the indicated delivery time, unless there is a force majeure. When a term is exceeded, the customer Eleganza should default in writing. The best men are sent with PostNL. The costs are borne by the seller, provided that the order amount is more than 75 Euro. Otherwise, the shipping costs are for the buyer.

About sending

Eleganza bear the risk of damage and loss of the product during shipment to the customer. After the items have been received by customers, the risk of damage and loss to the customer. If one or more articles are lost, required the customer agrees, upon first request to cooperate in the investigation. Failure to meet this obligation Eleganza is entitled to recover the price of the products to the customer.

About warranty

Eleganza guarantees the soundness and / or usability of the delivered items in accordance with the specifications provided on the website. On the invoice / packing slip specified date applies as the date for the guarantee. Any lack of an article that originated at normal and judicious use, will Eleganza at the written request of the customer within the warranty period of one month after purchase, the item will be replaced free. If the customer requests a replacement correctly, Eleganza is also entitled to a refund of the purchase price from the customer kiezen.Retourneren of worn items with a guarantee and only after an authorized service request by email. The general warranty is valid only with receipt / proof of payment and within 6 months of purchase. Defects not caused by wear and tear, are expertly repaired. Repair is not possible, you will receive a replacement pair. If no replacement pair is available, we will pay the full cash back into your account. Franco and COD shipments will be in no condition accepted by us. To the extent that the manufacturer has further conditions concerning the guarantee, these restrictions are taken over by Eleganza. In case of visible defects, the customer must return the product at the expense of Eleganza within the trial period, subject to notification of the defect. In case of hidden defects, or in the case of visible defects after the trial period, any complaint within 14 days but not later than one month after the invoice date, to be reported. The customer must send a written description of the defect. If the customer in writing to repair or replacement requests Eleganza decide whether the item is replaced. With articles that the customer send it on its own initiative, without any authorized service request will NOT be accepted! Eleganza is in no way responsible for damage caused during transport. Eleganza is not liable for damage which the customer or a third party by the use of an article supplied by Eleganza, unless the customer proves that the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence of Eleganza. (In) direct costs or damage to the customer or a third party caused by the outside using a defective item, do not qualify for compensation unless the customer proves that no cost or damage caused by intent or gross negligence of Eleganza . The damage can never be greater than the value of the purchased item.

About refunds

Already paid for items that are returned within the trial period or payments made by customers, under conditions laid down by Eleganza, will not be at the establishment of the sales will be refunded.

About privacy

By placing an order will be stored in the register of personal Eleganza.Op written request of the customer's personal data stored will be provided to him for inspection. The corrections sent by the customer will be incorporated in the registration, unless the corrections prove to be incorrect. Eleganza issued -without legal reasons, or outside the scope of its persoonsregistratie- no data to third parties so that the customer privacy is at stake.


For the impact of errors on the website or other media Eleganza can not accept liability. By placing an order each customer hereby unconditionally agree to the above terms of sale.