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Discover Valentino: where art and fashion come together

An inheritance of Italian elegance

Valentino, founded in 1960 in Rome, Italy, embodies the highest standards of Italian Elegance and Haute Couture. The brand was founded by Valentino Garavani and has developed into a worldwide symbol of refinement and style. Since its foundation, Valentino has built up an inheritance that is synonymous with timeless fashion and craftsmanship.

Valentino's expertise

Valentino is known for his masterful control of Haute Couture and refined clothing designs. The brand has a profound dedication to creating clothing that is both artistic and elegant. Valentino's designs are recognizable by their characteristic red hue, which reflects the passion and creativity of the brand.

Valentino at Eleganza

At Eleganza we are honored to offer the exclusive collection of Valentino. Whether you are looking for breathtaking evening dresses, refined men's clothing or striking accessories, Valentino has an extensive selection that meets your style and taste. Discover the timeless beauty and creativity of Valentino at Eleganza and experience fashion that brings art and refinement into harmony.