Since 1981


"Since 1981, Eleganza shoes with passion and dedication in the world of shoes and fashion."

It all started in a charming shoe store in Amsterdam, where the spark spread among the founders of Eleganza, as we know it today. From that shared love, the beautiful story of Eleganza shoes arose, which unfolded in the heart of Hilversum in 1981.

This trip started with a focus on Italian women's shoes, but soon grew into an extensive collection of trendy and elegant brands, both for Women when Men. In the past 40 years we have surprised our customers time and again with a range of high -quality brands, and we will continue to do that with heart and soul.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction led us to the bustling center of Utrecht, where we opened our doors in 2000. What started as a predominantly selection of women's shoes, quickly evolved into a balanced mix of stylish choices for both women and men. It was in Utrecht that the idea arose to pamper our customers not only with shoes, but also with clothing. That idea grew into a reality, and now you can find our women's collection and 'neat' men's shoes on line market 38, while our extensive men's collection, both in the field of shoes and clothing, shines on line market 41 since 2011.

In addition to our physical stores, we have also had a place online since 2006, where we proudly share our fashionable finds with the world. During the challenges of the Pandemie we welcomed our customers both online and in our stores with the same warmth and kindness.

After more than 40 years, our passion for shoes and fashion continues to burn. We are not just a store; We are a family that is driven by love for style and elegance. And every time you enter Eleganza, you are part of our story. Thank you for you with us on this wonderful journey through the world of fashion.